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Marilyn A. Boyle is a self-taught wildlife and fantasy artist. Marilyn has a natural talent and a vivid imagination so naturally painting animals/wildlife was the direction her art went. Creatures both fantastical and real are featured prominently in her paintings and often together. Marilyn also paints on unique canvases such as birch bark, feathers, stones, paddles, saws etc.

Marilyn's work is found in the homes of private collectors all across Canada, the United States and overseas. Some of her paintings have been put into needlework and are available all over the world. Marilyn has also illustrated a published book.

Her home in Northwestern Ontario, with its rich scenery and abundant parks, is the inspiration for much of Marilyn's art. She uses every spare moment of her free time to paint. Only this way does she feel she can grow and improve. So far, her horizons are limitless.